Water Run Farm, or Watering Farm (tm 128)

press cutting of house
Water Run Farm, date unknown

1840 Owner  General Francis Slater Rebow, occupier John Turner. Historically maybe linked to Old Newton Hall.

  • Gipping Meadow (111, part of)
  • Home meadow (113, part of)
  • Orchard Piece (114)
  • Stackyard & Lane (116)
  • Barn Meadow(168)
  • Crosspath Field (267 6a 1r 8p)
  • Further crosspath field (268 5a 3r 34p)

At the time of the survey Crosspath and Further Crosspath were owned by Gipping Feoffees and the other fields by Charles Tyrell.

Service history for Rebow, Francis Slater (17** – 1845):

Early Service: West Indies 1788-1797 and wounded. On Home Staff 1812, Peninsular War: Commanded Household Cavalry Brigade January-March 1813.

Ensign 60th Foot 1787, Lieutenant 60th Foot 1789, Captain 60th Foot 1792, Major 60th Foot 1796, Supernumerary Major 2nd Life Guards 1797, Major and Lieutenant Colonel 2nd Life Guards 1799, Supernumerary Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Life Guards 1807, Brevet Colonel 1809, Major General 1812, Lieutenant General 1825, General 1841.

By: Ron McGuigan: December 2007


Census gives Benjamin Bird (age64) as farmer of 35 acres, employing one man.


27th September “Sale of farming stock of the late Benjamin Bird” [Stowupland]. following his death at age 60 which was reported in the Ipswich Journal on 12th Jan 1856

Ena Carter queries if there is an association with Pond Farm.


Harry Berry and Wm Stiff (Kellys 1891/2: names William stiff as farm bailiff).


Moses Stimpson is farm bailiff to Mr John Turner( Of Newton Hall)


tennant is Jesse Bird (d 18/11/39, after this the house is divided into 2 homes.

On the night of Jan 2/3rd, 1976 hurrican strength winds stripped tiles from the south west end of the roof. It was re-tiled with pantiles