Stowupland's school in the 20th century

One year in the 1930’s the school children collected 820 eggs that were donated to the East Suffolk and Ipswich Hospital.Whether this was a one off collection we don’t know.

In 1953 Mrs Kinch was asked to make suggestions for suitable types of classes that her children could enter in the Stowupland Flower Show and Fete at Stowupland Hall.

She suggested a specimen page of writing, an imaginative drawing, a design drawing, needlework (either a shoe bag or knitted article), an article made from felt, and for boys a handwork  task making a section sewn book with a decorated cover. Each  class age group would be judged separately, so with a total of 16 classes she hoped there were not too many.

She concluded with  ‘the over 11 girls who go to Stowmarket’  had usually had their own class ‘but it hasn’t been very well supported’.

suggested prizes were to be 2/6, 2 shillings, 1/6 or 1 shilling.

In 1969 the school children were encouraged to enter the Stowupland Flower Show. There were over 100 entries across 8 classes. Cash prizes were given, varying  from 5/- for 1st place down to 1/- for 4th place, depending on the class;

There was a class for a miniature garden, an article of needlework (over 9’s or under 9), an article of handwork (over 9’s or under 9), a floral necklet,  a pencil sketch or 6 jam tarts

A Selection  of School pantos and plays

1942 School concert

Mrs Forest was a school manager but it is unknown whether the other cast members are school children or adults

This image was posted on Facebook in 2023 by Peter Addison. He suggested it showed a group of 9 year old pupils in their costumes for a 1955 Christmas production at Stowupland County Primary School (now Freemans).

Some suggested names for the young performers were Mary Brett (who remembered being dressed as a violet), Pat Giles, Lesley Runeckles and Hilary Alexander

school play

1963 Christmas Concert

1965 , SnowWhite and the Seven Dwarfs

!964 Pantomania, –

– inspired by fairy land tales and rats

1985, The Bell That Cried