Stowupland Boys and Girls Brigades

Group of Girls in Girl's Brigade uniformThe last date I have relating to Stowupland’s Girls and Boys Brigade is 1984 when 100 boys and girls attended an Enrolment service at Stowupland United Reformed Church. Stowupland boys did have their own meeting hall nearly one hundred years ago when in 1921 T.A Harwood assisted with the purchase and relocation of a disused gun site shed from Creeting St Peter to a road-side site on Crown Farm land. However, it was not until 50 years later when, instead of being a separate wing of the 1st Mid-Suffolk in Stowmarket (?), Stowupland Boys Brigade become the 9th Mid—Suffolk, captained by Lieutenant L Hart. I don’t know whether girls attended meetings in the BB Hut before it was demolished in 1979. It was certainly made good use of by the local community, both before and after the completion of the Village Hall in 1956.

Perhaps someone can tell me if the B.B. Hut was the same as the Iron Hall or if these were separate structures with their own histories? SAW 2020