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A History of our site

During the ‘Lockdown’ that was triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Stowupland Local History Group committee began to consider the possibility of uploading our archived material onto a website. The restrictions of lockdown meant that only the archivist was able to search through our files to answer emailed enquiries.

By the summer of 2021 SLHG committee members had started to plan what a website might look like and what needed to be included. It was a relief to meet face-to-face to discuss our options and concerns.

Over 2022 we have been building the website bit by bit and page by page. Sometimes uploading images to the gallery pages or complete documents – often simply adding brief notes and comments onto pages in the hope a coherent story would appear.

In the future whenever we add a new page, upload documents or completed articles you will be able to read about it in a contemporaneous blog. However, short notes will continue to be added to existing pages until they tell a useful history.

Recently a new page bringing together aspects of the history of Green Farm has been added. This as the name suggests is situated adjacent to the village green and has been in the hands of the Carter family since the 1850s but its story starts before that.

Photo of Green farm or 1840 map showing location?