Stowupland's Drift Ways

Across Stowupland there are several lanes that lead into fields and known as Drift Ways


Saxham Street’s Drift Way is mentioned in the tithe apportionaments as a peice of land  [225 tm]  owned by the Earl Stonham Feoffees which leads down to their town barn. William Gostling is naned as the occupier of this piece of land as well as   Stonham fields 1,2 & 3  In 1838 he was also named  as Miller and corn merchant of Stonham, also corn merchant. By 1876 William has died and George Gostling is listed as miller at Stonham mills,

On Friday June 28th 1839, John Maurice Herbert (Assistant Tithe Commissioner) was to meet with Mr Gostling, miller to discuss a dispute over the Earl Stonham – Stowupland Boundary. (reported in the Ipswich Journal, 15th June 1839).