Park Farm (tm 329)


The owner is unknown but the occupier is James Pyman


The occupier is now John Pyman, he retired in 1823, dying in 1855 aged 92.


The occupier is Edwin Pyman, and on the 1824/5 Bryants’s map the farm is named as Pyman’s Farm

1839/40 Tithe Apportionments

The owner of the farm is named as Richard Dalton and the occupier is Edwin Pyman (he dies in 1855)

June 23rd 1855: Sale of Farm – 35.1.23 acres on highway leading from Stowmarket to Stonham, by order of executors of late Mr John Pyman, in occupation of Mr Edwin Pyman _(one part belonging to Thorney Hall) – mention also made of Samuel Pyman.

May 19th 1855: Sale of Household effects of the late John Pyman of stowupland.


Mrs Sarah Pyman(ne Hunt) is named as the occupier

June 7th 1856: 138 0 25 acre estate in Stowupland & Creeting ST Peter on the occupation of Mrs Pyman – rent of £245 per annum possession at Michelmas.


Occupier Edwin Pyman (Mrs Sarah Pyman has moved to The Croft.

Edwin dies in 1906


Charles Edwin Pyman is named as the occupier


Mrs Luther Taylor is named as the owner and occupier, with Ernest and John Taylor.

Not sure of the exact date but the grandfather of  Peter List was the farm bailiff of Oak Farm,  lived at Corner Farm but also looked after Park Farm and Mill Street Farm.