Religious non-conformity in Stowupland

Non- conformity was first recorded in 1611 with 17 recorded recussants

1708 – the first mention of a chapel in the parish of Stowupland. This was known as Harrold’s Cottage and was situated on Newton Road next to Monewdon House. With the 1936 Bouudary changes this is no longer part of Stowupland.

Between 1708 and 1835,  4 houses were set aside for non-conformist worship. The 1716 Stowmarket Terrier gave the number of Stowupland inhabitants over the age of 16 as 276. Of these there was 1 Quaker, 1 Presbyterian and 5 Independents.

In the 1820’s we know a cottage  along Main Road (now A1120)  was being used as a chapel & school. An entry from Charles Freeman’ s diary, owner of Stowupland Hall;-  “April 18, 1826, Kerry for thatching Meeting House in part 6 – O,  Mr Prentice paid the rest”

1835 – A Cottage in Saxham Street that was owned by Robert Stegall and occupied by Thomas Pyman and Samuel Stebbings was reportedly used as  a Chapel (this maybe at Oak Tree Farm.

1839 there was a chapel in Chapel Lane.

In 1841 till 1859 land on Thorney Green fronting onto Main Road still had a building called the ‘Old Chapel’  and a ‘Meeting house ‘still standing on land owned by Robert Burch

Sketch map taken from Crown farm Deeds on which Ena Carter has noted the location of the Dissenters dwelling place. The road going from top to bottom is what is now the A1120. The Green is off to the left and below 407 and 408.