Our Homes

1960's image of Saxham Cottage

The image shows an artist’s impression of Saxham Cottage as it was in the 1960’s. A house has stood here since at least 1840, and possibly earlier, but it has undergone many changes.

Manors, Halls, farms or houses.

  • Manorsthere have been some 6 manors which held lands across Stowupland eg Thorney, Thorney Lezens, Mumpliers with Braziers, Columbyne, Th Keebles, Th Campsey .In the 16th century Saxham Street was held by Gipping Manor. (images)
  • Halls -some have been demolished e.g. Thorney Hall, some still exist as family homes eg Columbine Hall, , others have become buisnesses e.g. Stowupland Hall.(images)
  • Farms and farmhouses – more than 30  farms are known from the 1840 Tithe apportionment. A few remain as working farms but Some have left left no trace. in other  cases the farmhouse remains but no farm . Please bear with us as we post details.(images)
  • Older homes mentioned in Tithe Apportionment but not associated with farm land
  • 20th century homes – the start of Stowupland’s estates, eg The Heights, Columbine bungalows
  • Miscellaneous