Sunday Schools

Histories of 19th century education are closely tied to histories of religion.

125th anniversary of founding of Sunday school

Founding of Congregational Sunday School.


This press cutting from 1936 puts the founding of the Congregational Sunday School to 1813, ie 30 years  before Stowupland’s  Holy Trinity Church was built and a few years after the Congregational Chapel was built.. NL  believes it was started by John Bayly Tailer of Stowupland Hall.


From the 1820’s a thatched cottage along todays A1120 (from the 1960’s it was known as  know as Pendle Cottage)  was used as a chapel, Sunday school and grocers shop

In 1833 there as an independent Sunday School with an attendance of 117 and inclyded a lending library but this may have been at Stowmarket Church.

Before 1842 when Hollingsworth built Stowupland Church he had a less ambitious plan for  a school building in which church services could be held. The Marquis of Bristol offered to donate money to assist in building a church and the Freeman family gave land for a  church and a school.

1869 – From  the Post Office Directory. Stowupland has a population of 986. The Rev Frederick Cookson (qv) is the church minister and there is a Sunday School. As well as Holy Trinity Church there is a chapel that is used by Methodists and Independents