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Latest news 4

As you read this we have had our first meeting of 2023. Hannah Salmon shared some of her research on aspects of medieval manorial courts especially relating to a dispute as to who had the right to hold a market in Stowmarket. Dastardly underhand deeds indeed.  You will have to await a later newsletter for a report on this

  But for now you can read our Newsletter 13  (Telstar 361) in which you can read a review of  a talk by John Day from the East Anglian Traditional Arts Centre.  Without the images of the artworks he showed us it is maybe difficult appreciate the relevancy of a talk on art to local history however John really got me to look at artwork from a new perspective.


In the 1970’s Air Vice Marshall Hoad having retired from the Air Force moved into a house in Saxham Street and produced some impressive works of art. His paintings have two principle themes military planes and rural scenes  featuring horses.

. As well as being home to an acclaimed  artist, in the 1980s Saxham Street also had a recording studio in a converted and renovated Blacksmith’s forge.

Although the building still stand few local people have any memories of the studio or if they knew of it think it was further along the road.


google aerial view of the location of Octopus recording studio

On the opposite side of Saxham Street, between the road way and Earl Stonham used to be a large wooded area. We don’t know how extensive the woodland was or when it became farmland, maybe Mddlewood Green, Forward Green and Broad Green are all that are left to remind us of  a once great Badegrimi Wood. (It has various spellings)