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Reverend Arch with some members of Creeting St Peter Church Choir

Latest News 3

Thanks to Neil Langridge’s hard work we now a timeline with short histories for Stowupland’s Holy Trinity  clergy from the Rev Hollingsworth in 1839 through to Rev Whitefield in the 1980’s.

early image of stowupland Holy trinity church

This engraving shows a view of Holy Trinity Church in the early 1840’s, presumably not long after it was built when it was surrounded by fields and without any burials in the church yard. I am intrigued by what the figures in the foreground are doing; removing weeds, collecting horse dung to use as organic fertiliser, or maybe planting spring bulbs (early example of SWAB in action?)

You can read our Newsletter no 12 as it appeared in the the  Dec/Jan edition of Telstar 360. Read Jerry’s  report on Ed Nicholl’s talk on Ghostly Goings On or check out some of Stowupland’s Supernatural stories. The Amundeville family, Thorney Hall and Thorney Manor are stories that are gradually being pieced together.

Also see the decorations used for the Food Museum’s Christmas tree and read an explanation as to why they were used.

See the story behind this photograph by reading Stowupland’s  Local Recorder diary 2022.

Suffolk is one of the few counties that still has a Local Recorder Scheme. During the mid 20th century most counties had local recorders who wrote about what was going on in their area, it is thanks to the hard work of members of the Suffolk Local History Council that our county still keeps this worthwhile activity going. It is  also thanks to the vision of Jack  Carter, who on the death of his wife Ena Carter , set up a fund to enable  SLHC to carry on the scheme that she had helped establish.. Ena devoted her life to recording as much of Suffolk’s and Stowupland’s history as she could, we are indebted to her. Today’s reports are lodged at The Hold for furutre historians to access and read about the lives of local people.