Miscellaneous trades and craftsmen or women

The variety of employments in 1939

The 1939 survey gives us interesting information about the various types of work that local people were engaged in. At the time the survey was made only 5 women were listed as being in paid employment, the rest did ‘unpaid domestic duties’.  The variety of work men were employed in can be read here.

 In previous generations most men in the area of our Stowupland would have been working on the land or their livelihoods would have been linked to the land but by the end of the 19th century some local men were working in the industries that had been founded along the river Gipping e.g. gun-cotton, malt kilns, paper works, iron foundry, manure or fertiliser factories.

Listed here are those men and women who  were engaged in occupations for which we have little knowledge. See also shopkeepers and traders, and Blacksmiths, carpenters and builders

T. Lambert was living on the Green in the late 19th century . He held a steam thresher certificate

P.Jacobs was a watch repairer living on Mill Street.

Millers or Millwrights

Ipswich Journal- 6th June 1807: Died on Friday Se’night Wm.M.Harwood millwright of Stowupland.

1916 (Kellys):- Henry Steggall, miller

 1896 (Kellys) :- Mrs Dorothy Steggle, Miller (wind & steam) & corn merchant.

1885 (PO Directory): Adams & Son, Millwrights, Creeting Rd.

       John Thomas Bauley Ayliffe Miller Thorney Green

1864 (Harrods & Co Postal & Commercial Directory)

       George Bauley- Miller & beer retailer

     Bear & Peak Millwrights & engineers

   John R.Hammond Miller

Walter Peck, millwright

(Whites) 1855: Henry Wicks Corn miller

1844 (Whites) Thomas Bauley, Miller & beer retialer

                        Fuller Felgate, corn miller

                      Miss Cross – water mill

                   Thomas Wood, niller

Coopers (see also carpenters and ‘smiths)

1767,  Charles Beard

1864, Thomas Green, Wheelwright & cooper

Boot or Shoe makers

Jan 1821: – Mr James Mayes , shoemaker of Stowupland died after a short illness.

1891 – In 1891-2:Denis Beecroft was a shoemaker in Saxon (sic) Street.

kellys 1904: John Amos shoe maker.

1916 (Kellys): Dennis Frederick Wilden, Boot Maker & Post Office

James Dent was born in 1870, he was a builder, butcher, poultryman and sweep

Some known occupations from the 17th century. Much of this knowledge comes from the inventory and wills that were researched by Ena Carter

Thos Cook

An inventory from 1619 tells us he was a carpenter in Stowupland. Valued at £18 2s and 6d was his hall, nether-chamber, dairy and chamber over hall.( This inventory was found in Norwich).

See carpenters and related trades for other local craftsmen.