Some Saxham Street People

It was not unusual for families to have the same surname but be unrelated or for family members to have their surnames recorded with different spellings. For now, family members with similar sounding surnames will be grouped together, but this does not necessarily imply they are blood relatives.

Chaplin Family.

Arthur Chaplin told the story of his father’s  ability to control his horse (qv Frederick Chaplin in the Crown).

Frederick came originally from Barttisford but his work seems to have taken him around the area before he settled in Stowupland., living here for 53 years. His  his older children were born in Mickfield, Earl Stonham and Combs. A newspaper report of Arthur and his wife celebrating their silver anniversary in 1936 gave their address as the Hall Bungalow {NL} but we are nor sure where this is.

Frederick died in 1940 at 78 years old he worked for George Stedman at The Firs (Saxham Street) for 20 years before moving to Stowupland Hall. His daughter married William Scarlett, parents of Sidney Scarlett.

Between 1961 and 1979 Thomas E Chaplin owned Stowupland Hall, his wife organised a party for the children of Saxham Street on land in front of their farm buildings to celebrate the Queeens 25th Jubilee (1977)

Gyfords and Gyfords Tailoring.

The Gyford family moved into saxham Street in 1911 and built up their shop


Sidney and Joan Scarlett, lived in Saxham Cottage in the the second half of the 20th century and  took over Gyford’s shop after Mrs Elsie Gyford married and moved to Forward Green.

Sidney was brought up in Grange Farm Cottage, next door to Saxham Cottage. His mother was the daughter of Frederick Chaplin who had worked as Horseman at Stowupland Hall. 

Mr George Joshua Scarlett was born in the 1840’s in Tuddenham and was employed by Mr Harward of Tuddenham Hall but lived in Saxham Street for over 52 years. He had planted a tree on Stowupland Hall Estate to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.He died in 1937 aged 88.

He was father to William Scarlett and grandfather to Sidney.