Stowupland Family's

Some families have lived in Stowupland through several generations, other people have had a significant impact on village life. Whilst we can not mention everyone who has ever lived here, you will find in these pages the people who we have knowledge about. More details of family members who lived in Saxham Street may be found in Saxham Street people.

Sometimes surnames may sound similar but be spelled differently and just because individuals share the same surname may not mean there is a family connection. They are listed on the same page for ease of research.

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Stories about local people come from a variety of sources, some are family memories others are official documents. Some details have been found on-line others have been seen at The Ipswich Record Office.

Thorney hall Rental documents give us some useful information about Stowupland families and properties. Neil Langridge has shared his partial  Transcription of 1760s Thorney Hall Rentals.

(original document held at The Hold, Ipswich (Suffolk Record office).

Image of 18th century document
Image of original 18th century document