Saxham Street in the 1840s.

19th century map showing most of Saxham Street

Finding a map of the full length of Saxham Street is not easy. This one helps locate most of the properties referred to in the 1840 census, only missing off the top is the farm we know as Poplar Farm.

Using road and house names we recognise today :- starting at the bottom left corner is Stowupland Hall with the road off to the left being Rendall Lane and to the right Stonham Road (A1120).

The next marked track leading off to the right is the Drift Way leading to (Earl Stonham ) Town barn. There is a cluster of houses here, including Saxham Cottage, Viesities and Grange Farm Cottage.

Next up are Grange farm, Uplands Farm then Firtree Farm before we reach the right hand turning to Debenham Lane.

The property at the top of the image is Oak Tree Farm

The following has been compiled from the 1841 census and tithe apportionments together with information from other sources, it is part of ongoing research so please let us know of any erroneous comments – it can be difficult to be sure of the sequence of properties. For our research on the second half of the 19th century…

Many of those named below were tenants, though a few were owner/occupiers.

In the 1841 census the northern end of Saxham Street from Doles  (off Debenham Lane) leading up to Mendelsham is named  Mendelsham Road.


[45a tm] William Sedon or  Brame, James (farmer, 25) & Mary (20) & Mary Brame (servant, 15). Known as Doles, along a lane from Debenham Lane.

[51 tm] Mary Clarke (80) and others

[52 & 53 tm] The Hart family  – Blacksmiths and wheelwrights

Stebbings, Samuel (40) & Mary (35) ..Christopher (25)r & Sara Bassett (19)

 [40tm] Pyman, Thomas (40 ag lab) & Martha (40), William (20), Thomas (15), John (15) & Jonathan (30)

[34 tm] –  Davey George ((40, described as ag lab not farmer) & Elisabeth (40)  Emma, (15) George (10) and Susannah (8)   known as Davy Farm but now Little Meadow

[20 tm] Packard, William (Farmer, 30)  & Elizabeth (50) with 4 yr old child Elizabeth, a servant and a border. This is know known as Poplar Farm.

Alexander, George (70) & Elizabeth (70)

[68 tm] Robinson, Edmund and others

Next the section known as Saxham Street, between Stowupland Town Farm and Stowupland Hall

[90 tm] Wilden, Martha (75 Farmer), William Wilden (40 with children James (8), Robert (6), Frederick (4), and Sophia Barrett(?) (servant,20) – ? Town Farm

[89a tm] Meakings, Robert (35, Ag labourer ) & Mary (35), children Abraham (9), Robert (6), James(5), Clarisa (? 2), Mary (6m)

Wells  Martin? (30, Ag labourer) & Mary Wells (30) , Sarah (10), Susan (7) and James(5).

[89 tm] Cooper, Elizabeth (65 farmer @ Upland House/farm), Nathaniel Stedman (35 bailiff), Mildred Hart (20 servant), Martha Lockwood (15 servant) plus possibly William Freeman (15. ag labourer) and  a girl age 12.

[83 tm]- Stedman, John (70 farmer,) & Rachel  (60) George (25), Robert (20), William (20), and Hannah Bloomfield (15 servant).

[157 tm] Law; Charles (45 farmer) & Susannah (45) , Susanna h20), Charles (200, Mary (20) mary dent (15 Ag lab) –  Bylls or later Grange farm.

Cubbitt: James (Gardener 25) & Eliza (27), Eliza (5), William(4), James (1)


[153 tm] Bly,  Richard (labourer 30) & Lucy(30) Anne 11), Frederick (10) Robert(5), David(2), Emma (3mths). Now Grange Farm Cottage.

[215 tm] Quinton, John (Carpenter 50), is the first known owner/occupier of Saxham Cottage.

[214 tm] Quinton also owned a property across the road from his house which was used as a carpenter’s shop with an adjacent orchard.

[216 tm]Cutting, George (65, Ag labourer)  & Sarah (60) owner was  John Quinton though later became known as Cobbold Cottages when they were used by Grange Farm workers.

 [216a tm] Jarmin,  David  and others

 [216 tm] Cutting – George also owned by John Quinton.

Cutting, William (25 Ag labourer)

[225 tm] Gostling, William not a house but a piece of land known as the Drift Way.                         

[217 tm] Nunn, John (Ag lab 40) & Rebecca (40), Harriett (22), John (20), James(15) , Mary (15) Eliza(10) , George( (10), Robert (8).

[218 tm] Racce, Thomas (40 Ag lab) & Mary (40) : May (15), Daniel (14)  Edward (11), William (8), Susannah (6), Elizabeth (3), ?(1), a border – Edward Lockwood (Ag lab 15)

[212a tm]: Robinson, John (25) & Elizabeth(25), Robert (5), William (3), Sarah (1).

Whilst it has been possible to locate most of the families named in the census it has not been possible to find a plot of land for them all.

Haddock, James (60 Ag lab) & Anne (55), Richard (20 ag lab)

Cook, Thomas (30 A lab) & Susan (20), Issac (2), William (2 mths)

Sear, Henry (40 ag lab) & Charlotte (35), James (6mths).

From Saxham Street, we either head west to Gipping Road or south down towards where the church will be built in 1843.

photo of house
Stowupland Hall

Heading south we pass Stowupland Hall and the barn that the Freeman’s had recently converted to cottages.

[237 to 346 tm] Stowupland Hall Freeman, Charles & Mary, Ellen, Spencer. Also Jemima M (servant, 20) Robert Wilden (20, Samuel Catchpole (15),  Spencer Ray, Edward Robinson and Samuel Robinson