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Latest News 16

On March 3rd 1956, Stowupland’s newly built village hall was officially opened. Over the years it has had many extensions added around the edges as it has been adapted to the changing needs of our village.

outline of 1880 Stowupland roads

Since our Update 15 we have been adding more from our archives, especially focusing on 2 areas at either end of our village,  Mill Street and Saxham Street. Mill Street lies to the SW and today is a quiet lane leading nowhere, but if the A14 had not been built it might have been a busy main road heading down to Stowmarket. At the other end of the village to the NE, Saxham Street, is a busy through road that heads towards Mendlesham but often used as an alternative route to the A140.

Our Newsletter 24 contains a brief review of the group’s December 2023 talk on researching family history by Keely Thomas. Her talk prompted me to get to work on producing a page that helps link together local people who are named in our archives. This, like all our pages, is a work in progress, but at least it is started.