Law Breaking

1864 press cutting of turkey thefts
1864 Theft of poultry in Stowupland, by Francis Webb and Spencer Ford

Higglers –

5th April 1850 – Reported in Ipswich Journal.

 George Wilden (22), Abraham Colthorpe (41), John Pegg (33),  Robert Pegg (17),  John Diaper (40),  Charles Last (23), Abraham Furrow (33) were charged with feloniously cutting down trees at Stowupland. As witnesses for the prosecution did not appear the prisoners were discharged

18th August 1821:

 James Diaper for stealing a quality of clover stover, the property of Willaim Turner of Stowupland – to be imprisoned three months.

1791 –

Reported on July 2nd 1791 (Ipswich Journal) Charles Turner fined 5s for riding in a tumbril on the Kings Highway in the parish of Stowupland, not having any person to guide the same.


Eliz Akin of Stowupland was committed to our New Goal, by Samuel Uvedale Esq os suspician of stealing a wagon tilt, belonging to Mr John Hearn of Stowmarket ‘ common carrier.(Ipswich Journal, 1st December 1792.)