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parish magazine 1st editionThe image shows part of the front page of the first edition of Telstar. This was launched in 1962 to bring local items of local news to local people.

SLHG are indebted to the editors of Telstar, both past and present, for their hard work in providing valuable insights into the lives of Stowupland’s residents. Many of the pages of this website have been illuminated by comments nad memories retrieved from the pages of Telstar. Read more about Telstar

BBC Outside broadcast

Over the decades local people and events have  featured on TV and radio. It all started in 1959 when Jack Carter was interviewed for an outside radio broadcast about the building of Stowupland Village Hall. Visit Stowupland in the Media for more stories.

In 2006 Stowupland entered and won the Suffolk Association of Local Councils “Village of the Year”. Read about other Village Competitions.

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Mishaps, Misdeeds and other Miscellany:

                                         for reports on law breaking, road traffic incidents etc


Reminders and memories of War

Stone monument
Stowupland War Memorial

Reminders of past conflicts can be found scattered across Stowupland . The War Memorials to those who did not return are the easiest to find whilst others require a bit more knowledge but we should not forget them.

Rev Leslie Brame shared his early memories of hearing ‘the drone overhead of the German Zepplins, and being fetched out of bed at night and having socks pulled on and being wrapped in blankets until the danger had passed’. He must have been under 4 at the time. He added ‘when the zeppelins came over us they were on their way back to Germany and unloaded their unused bombs on any small town in their path’.

From time to time the SLHG put on Local History displays using material from our archives but other local people have in the past put together their own displays.

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Museum of East Anglia Life, in 2022 MEAL became the Food museum in Stowmarket Read more…

Most years Stowmarket holds a Christmas Tree Festival, SLHG takes part by decorating a tree in the museum.

Ena and Jack Carter’s 1970 Stowupland Exhibition of Local History and Bygones . Read more…

2022, As part of the village’s celebrations for the Queens Platinum Jubilee SLHG put on a display of images from our archives showing some of Stowupland’s Pastimes over the last ’70 Glorious Years


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