Names of fields, crofts, closes etc

The nineteenth century tithe apportionment  designated a specific land area with a number, thereby linking land ownership to an area on a map. This has made research much easier especially, when as often happened, earlier field names were retained. Ena Carter’s archives have been invaluable in helping track down who owned what and who lived where in 1840.

However there are many field and tenement names which can not be easily pointed to on a map. The names exist in old documents but the challenge is to work out their locations. Neil Langridge’s perusal of Thorney hall manor rental documents have caused some head scratching as we try to match earlier place names onto a modern day map.This is very much an ongoing project.

In a 1618 document Neil came across a reference to Dedman Lane, associated with Thorneycroft and abutting onto Longe Dole. We know of a Doal Field (tm43) and Great Doals (tm48) and a Doles Farm to the east of Saxham Street, so is Dedman Lane simply a linguistic variation for today’s Debenham Lane? Or was it Deadman’s Lane, maybe leading to a place of execution?

We have details of some crofts .

For some we only have the names but for others we are gradually uncovering some details (check out the links):

More will be added in due course.