The Place; its geography, geology or politics

outline of 1880 Stowupland roadsThe image shows the roadways and locations of properties named in the 1840 Tithe Apportionment. It was part of Ena Carter’s collection. From the map it can be seen that before the 20th century the Uplands were essentially 4 settlemnet areas. Roads and footpaths linked the populated areas and more isolated cottages.

Mill Street and Saxham Street were outlying linear settlements to the SW and NE. The Thorney Green homes clustered around the central Village Green. The fourth  area pf denser population was Stowupland Street.  This became part of Stowmarket in the 1930’s boundary changes.

The Uplands of Stow and its surroundings, click here for images
1783 map

Thorney Green is a protected open space in the centre of modern Stowupland. It has linked the main east-west thoroughfares that travelers passing through Stowupland have used since ancient times. On the tithe apportionment it has its own designation of 400 whilst properties surrounding it  are   in the 3oo to 400’s. read more

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Saxham Street and its surrounding area.

TodaySaxham Street extends from just after Stowupland Hall heading towards Mendelsham. The tithe apportionment number from 200 downwards as you head towards Mendlesham.This section will deal with a roughly rectangular area encompassing the land that formed    Stowupland Hall Estate, down Rendall Lane to what was Poplar Farm (now Walnut Tree Farm)and across to today’s Poplar farm. See Saxham street Stories or click for images

Mill Street

Historically a farming area. It commences with Elm Farm and heads down towards the river Gipping. It was turned into a cul-de-sac with the coming of the A14. Tithe appointment numbers  are high 400 to low 600.

 Local Councils and parish boundaries.

Our parish boundaries have changed several times.This means that population statistics aren’t a true refection of our population density.

As well as boundary changes, different areas of  Stowupland  have come under the jurisdictions of different councils over the years. Read more…

Research into our medieval past is revealing some fascinating information, click on Medieval Thorney for a taster of what has been found out

read more about the Amundeville family

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